Bid - Golf Pond Water


Rankin Independent School District (Rankin, TX) will be accepting bids for a water transfer using “lay flat hose” to fill the Golf Course Pond with clean non potable to fresh water. We need 200,000 barrels of water pumped in to fill the Golf course pond. Bids for “Pond water” will be accepted up until opening at 9 am May 9th 2024, with work to begin May 10 th . Proposals may be delivered in hand to Rankin Independent School District administration office, 1201 Upton St, Rankin, TX 79778, by mail to PO Box 90, Rankin, TX 79778, or by email to Proposal information may be obtained from Rankin ISD by calling Amanda Gentry at 432-693-1155 The District reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.