Rankin ISD will develop and implement a Family Engagement Plan to achieve and maintain high levels of family involvement and positive family attitudes toward education.

How will the District develop, implement, and evaluate the plan?

  • 1.The District will conduct a needs assessment in an effort to understand and better meet parents’ needs,and
  • 2.Shall use input from the needs assessment to develop, implement, and make available on the District website a family engagement plan.
  • 3.The District will use evaluations for continuous improvement using strategies such as:
  • a.Conducting goal-oriented home visits;
  • b.Data collection systems and the use of data to ensure alignment between family engagement activities and teaching and learning goals,and
  • c.Using the evaluation plan to guide action.

Components and Strategies of the Family Engagement Plan

1.The Gossett Elementary Family Engagement Plan shall facilitate family-to-family support using strategies such as:

  • Creating a safe and respectful environment where families can learn from each other as individuals and in groups;and
  • Ensuring opportunities for continuous participation in events designed for families by families such as training on family leadership.

2.The Gossett Elementary Family Engagement Plan shall establish a network of community resources using strategies such as:

  • Establishing and maintaining partnerships with businesses, faith-based organizations, and community agencies;
  • Identifying support from various agencies, including mental and physical health providers;
  • Partnering with local community-based organizations to create a family-friendly transition plan for students arriving from early childhood settings;
  • Communicating program goals to all stakeholders;and
  • Identifying partners to provide translators and culturally relevant resources reflective of home language.

3.The Gossett Elementary Family Engagement Plan shall increase family participation in decision making using strategies such as:

  • Developing, adopting, and implementing identified goals within the annual campus improvement plan targeting family engagement;
  • Developing and supporting leadership skills for families and providing opportunities for families to advocate for their children;
  • Collaborating with families to develop strategies to solve problems and serve as problem solvers;
  • Cultivating the expectation that information must flow in both directions to reflect two-way communications;
  • Developing, in collaboration with families, clearly defined goals, outcomes, timelines, and strategies for assessing progress;and
  • Providing each family with an opportunity to review and to gather family feedback on the plan.

4.The Gossett Elementary Family Engagement Plan shall equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning using strategies such as:

  • Designing or implementing existing home educational resources to support learning at home;
  • Providing families with information and training on creating a home learning environment;
  • Equipping families with resources and skills to support their children;
  • Providing complementary home learning activities for families to engage in at home through information presented in newsletters, online technology, social media, parent/family – teacher conferences, or other school- or center-related events;
  • Providing families with information, best practices, and training related to age-appropriate development expectations;and
  • Collaborating with families to appropriately respond to children’s behavior in a non- punitive, positive, and supportive way.

5.The Gossett Elementary Family Engagement Plan shall develop staff skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children’s learning needs using strategies such as:

  • Providing staff development for educators in understanding communication and engagement with families, including training on communicating with families in crisis;
  • Promoting and developing family engagement as a core strategy to improve teaching and learning among all educators and staff;and
  • Developing staff skills to support and use culturally diverse, culturally relevant, and culturally responsive family engagement strategies.