Teacher Spotlight

Last month, Mrs. Tina Barden & Ms. Deanna Schaefer presented a *Teacher Spotlight* to the Rankin ISD School Board about the incredible work they do at Rankin ISD. Mrs. Barden and Ms. Schaefer are our amazing Kindergarten teachers at Gossett Elementary! 😍🏫🍎

Mrs. Barden & Ms. Schaefer shared about the ways they connect literature to other areas of the curriculum 📚, develop strong mathematicians using a daily math board ➕, and foster a love of learning through center time 👩‍🚒👨‍🍳. They also spotlighted our Kindergarten UIL Storytelling team -- all 3 students placed in the top 6 at the UIL competition in December! 🏆

Our Kindergarten teachers prepare our kids for the future -- academically and as good citizens. Mrs. Barden & Ms. Schaefer focus on growing confident, fulfilled, excited learners by making learning fun, interesting, and joyful. ⭐❤️

Join us in celebrating the awesome work Mrs. Barden & Ms. Schaefer do for Rankin ISD! 🎉👏