Last month, Mrs. Rebecca Bunger presented a *Leadership Spotlight* to the Rankin ISD School Board about the incredible work she leads here at Rankin ISD. Mrs. Bunger serves as our Curriculum Director (...and District Testing Coordinator....and Classroom Teacher) and provides invaluable support to teachers in all areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Mrs. Bunger works tirelessly behind-the-scenes to keep many important systems running. From Blackboard...to Eduphoria...to ordering textbooks...to lesson planning and data analysis...to designing and launching our Teacher Incentive Allotment program that rewards incredible teaching...Mrs. Bunger provides invaluable support to make teachers' lives a little easier. ❤️

Mrs. Bunger has a heart for serving teachers—and we are so glad she is here in Rankin! Join us in celebrating the awesome work Mrs. Bunger does for Rankin ISD! 👏🎉