COVID Procedures

Rankin ISD is doing its part to keep students and staff safe at a school.

Below are the Rankin ISD COVID procedures:

§  Germinator and Germblast will treat the district every 45 days

§  We will perform temp checks for students entering the bus and the building just like last year.

§  All cleaning protocols from last year will stay the same.  It is ok to have students wipe down desks especially in middle school and high school.

§  Everyone needs to self-screen every day.  If you have a fever or COVID symptoms, do not come to school.

§  Social Distancing whenever possible will be promoted at both campuses, cafeteria, gymnasium, football field, and the daycare.


To prevent COVID-positive individuals from entering our campuses, our school will have the following COVID-19 symptom screening procedures in place:  

§  All staff will be required to self-screen daily 

§  All visitors will be required to screen upon arrival 

§  No parents or visitors will be allowed in the cafeteria during breakfast/lunch

§  Parents are asked to proactively identify when their student exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or has been exposed and to keep them home. 


Information collected in these screens will not be retained if the screening is passed. If a parent indicates that a student is demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms, the school will retain that information until the student meets the criteria for return to school.

Criteria for Return to School

Conditions for return to school after an individual shows symptoms or gets a positive test result:


§  24 hours with no fever; and 

§  Symptoms improved;


§  RISD COVID Medical Form Guidance will be completed by a Medical Provider

§  All quarantine decisions mandated by a Medical Provider will be followed by the district

§   Wearing masks is not mandated by the district.  We do have approved masks (KN95) donated by the Rankin County Hospital free to however wants one.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Cura at or at 432-693-2451.